7 Study Tips for Exam Preparation

1. CREATE A STUDY PLAN – Before sitting down to pick up a book and start studying, create a study plan.

2. ORGANISE THE STUDY SPACE – We are able to focus and study at our best when we are in a pleasant and comfortable environment.

3. TAKE REGULAR BREAKS– Human brain functions the best when it is given breaks periodically.

4. FOLLOW A HEALTHY DIET – Good food habit always results in better health, thus more energy.

5. MAINTAIN A PROPER SLEEP ROUTINE – During sleep human mind and body rest completely to regain energy and strength by completing the daily metabolism cycle.

6. STUDY IN GROUPS OCCASIONALLY – Studying in groups occasionally can helpgain more knowledge and ideas about the same topic and subject one missed out while studying on their own.

7. READ ENTIRETY & MAKE BRIEF NOTES – Thorough reading is a must for learning any subject entirely. Read and crosscheck with other information from different authors and sources.

Best Of Luck