The duties and responsiblities of a Headmaster in an School

Planning before the opening of the school:

The headmaster has to plan a number of things in the school. He will chalk out the policies and rules of admission. Dates of admission are to be publicized.

Planning during the First Week:

In the beginning, the headmaster has to set the school machinery into motion. Work allotment to the teachers is an important function of the headmaster. He should urge the teachers to balance class-sizes and classify students into suitable groups or sections.

Planning During the Year:

As the classes start, the headmaster starts attending to each activity to be done. The headmaster has to prepare the budget of the year keeping in view the estimated expenditure in the session.

Planning at the End of the Year:

The headmaster will ask the teachers to prepare reports of the activities done during the year. Various records have to be completed. Holding of valedictory and annual function has to be planned.

Planning of the Next Year:

The headmaster should convene staff meetings and appraise year’s work. In the light of this appraisal, next year’s work has to be planned.