Why Workplace Romance Hurts Productivity: How To Stop It

This type of behavior is also known as workplace romance. Workplace romance is unprofessional and can have long-term consequences, including lower productivity, stress and anxiety for those affected, as well as higher employee turnover rates and costs to the company.

– Act like an adult: Employees who act like children are often those causing unprofessional behavior. Adults are expected to be mature and professional, which means that they need to be dependable and trustworthy.

Adults must also be accountable for their words and actions. When people act like children, they are more likely to say and do things that are unprofessional. This does not mean, however, that employees need to be rude or disrespectful.

– Be respectful in your conversations: If you are in a conversation with an employee who is exhibiting unprofessional behavior, simply change the subject. It is never appropriate to gossip about your colleagues, their supervisors or company executives.

Be accountable for your own actions: When you are in charge of your own actions and decisions, you will find it easier to control your unprofessional behavior. Accountability does not mean, however, that you need to be rude or become angry at another employee.

Recognize when you are being unprofessional: Some people are unaware of when they are experiencing unprofessional behavior. If this sounds like you, simply make a note in your journal or notebook while you are experiencing unprofessional behavior.