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Ashwani Kr Singh Rathore

CEO & Founder of DutyPar

We began our journey September 1……, and have spent the past experience to build our Dutypar as brand, which has now become synonymous with Facial Recognition Technology Platform & our commitment to helping our clients in attendance management and create innovation. I m glad to announce that we have come up with India’s fir AI Camera

Believing in “Together We Can Accomplish Great Things.” , the company is focused on: Innovation, Performance and Trust. I believe these priorities enable us to focus on delivering improved performance and better returns for shareholders as well as a broader societal contribution.

I See Myself as Responsible to the Employees & we are focused on accelerating the execution of our growth strategy while continuing to build on the strength of Dutypar—in helping our clients with better technology in FRT & create innovation and in bringing positive change to the communities in which we work and live. I am incredibly excited about this journey.


Customer Service Team:

As a first point of contact, instead of customer service, we wish to give our onboarders/clients a great customer experience. We understand that interacting with clients gives us opportunity to give them best of feeling & rather than transactional , an experiential relationship. Our endeavour to improve attendance management FRT experience is our endless initiative. We as a team believe “Value customer’s time with positive attitude to meet rightful expectations”

Customer Service Team:
Tech Team

Tech Team

Face recognition technology in AI is essentially pattern recognition, and the purpose is to abstract real things into numbers that computers can understand. It has multiple applications viz, attendance management, eKyc, health informatics, etc.
We as a team, achieved target of a system architecture that is high performance, scalable, agile and low cost. The high performance results out milliseconds level, and have high threshold with high concurrency; scalable, from a single node machine to a multi node cluster. Agile as easily modifiable, and be able to apply to different domain with ease(sdk, api). We are backed by our patented technology to put forth our best of coding and applicable standards.

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