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For Schools:
Attendance of both Students & Teachers

  • Easy attendance tracking: With DutyPar, teachers can mark attendance quickly and efficiently, saving them time and reducing errors.

  • Attendance history: The app stores a complete record of attendance history for each student, making it easy for teachers to track attendance patterns and identify students who need extra support.

  • Reports: DutyPar generates detailed attendance reports, giving teachers and administrators valuable insights into attendance patterns, which can be used to improve student engagement and academic outcomes.

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Attendance made easy with DutyPar School Attendance App Video

  • DutyPar School Attendance App is designed to simplify the attendance tracking process for schools.
  • Our app makes it easy for teachers to mark attendance, track student attendance history and generate reports.

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DutyPar is a Facial Recognition Attendance
App for Teachers & Students


How it works ?

Student Attendance App
row wise attendance
attendance mark

Get real time attendance dashboard for the management and attendance summary reports

Track live attendance sheet


  • Increased accuracy: DutyPar eliminates the manual process of taking attendance, reducing errors and increasing accuracy.

  • Improved efficiency: The app saves teachers time by streamlining the attendance process, allowing them to focus on other important tasks.

  • Better student engagement: With a clear picture of attendance patterns, teachers can identify and support students who need extra help, leading to improved student engagement and academic outcomes.

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