DutyPar Attendance App: The Key to Accurate Attendance Records

DutyPar Attendance App: The Key to Accurate Attendance RecordsKeeping track of employee attendance is a crucial aspect of managing any organization. Accurate attendance records are essential for payroll, scheduling, and ensuring compliance with labor laws. However, traditional attendance methods such as manual attendance registers, punch cards, or spreadsheets are time-consuming, prone to errors, and lack accountability. This is where DutyPar Attendance App comes in as the solution to all attendance management problems.

What is Attendance App?

DutyPar Attendance App is cloud-based attendance management software that allows organizations to track employee attendance in real-time, from anywhere. With the DutyPar App, employees can mark their attendance using their mobile phones or biometric devices, and supervisors can monitor attendance records and generate reports with a few clicks.

Why use DutyPar Attendance App?

1. Real-time attendance tracking: DutyPar App enables employees to mark their attendance in real-time, eliminating the need for manual registers or spreadsheets. It provides a real-time view of who is present, absent, or late, which helps managers make informed decisions.

2. Mobile attendance marking: The app is compatible with both Android and iOS devices, making it easy for employees to mark their attendance from anywhere, at any time.

3. Biometric attendance tracking: DutyPar App supports biometric devices such as fingerprint scanners, facial recognition, and iris scanners, which eliminates the possibility of buddy punching or time theft.

4. Automatic calculation of working hours: DutyPar App automatically calculates the working hours of employees, including overtime, break time, and holidays, saving managers time and reducing errors.

5. Generate reports: DutyPar App generates detailed reports on attendance records, including attendance summaries, late comings, early departures, and absenteeism, which helps managers make data-driven decisions.


DutyPar Attendance App is a game-changer for attendance management. It simplifies attendance tracking, saves time, eliminates errors, and provides real-time visibility of attendance records. With its customizable policies, biometric support, and automatic calculation of working hours, it is the key to accurate attendance records. Say goodbye to manual registers and spreadsheets, and switch to DutyPar Attendance App today.


Q. Is DutyPar Attendance App secures?

A. Yes, DutyPar Attendance App is secure. It uses SSL encryption to ensure that all data transmitted between the app and the server is secure.

Q. What happens if there is no internet connection?

A. DutyPar Attendance App can work in offline mode, and data will be synced with the server once an internet connection is available.

Q. How much does DutyPar Attendance App cost?

A. The pricing of DutyPar Attendance App depends on the number of employees and features required. Contact DutyPar sales for pricing information.