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Best Practices of Employee Attendance 101 : Face Recognition Technology

AI ML ImageAs more businesses continue to adopt digital transformation, employee engagement is at an all-time high. According to trust and autonomy as the highest-voting employee engagement drivers, employees are becoming more and more valuable as digital transformation takes hold of businesses. For 92% of HR professionals employee engagement is their organization’s most important HR challenge. With the need to increase employee engagement, businesses are turning to innovative employee attendance solutions to support their workforce and improve productivity.

From time management to communication and collaboration, employee attendance solutions can help improve employee productivity and engagement. Let’s explore the top practices of employee attendance using face recognition technology.

Make employee attendance

Make employee attendance part of your human resources strategy and employee engagement go hand-in-hand. The best way to improve employee engagement is by giving employees what they want when they want it. This will lead to happier employees who are more likely to stay with the organization. One of the best ways to increase employee engagement is by tracking attendance. By using attendance software, you will be able to track when your employees are off the clock and manage their productivity.

Use face recognition technology

Use face recognition technology to reach employees with face recognition technology, you can now use AI to help track employees who are harder to reach. These kinds of solutions can be used for remote employee tracking, to increase productivity. The best way to use face recognition for remote tracking is to first match the employees’ faces against their profiles.

Track attendance for a specific employee

Track attendance for a specific employee another best practice for employee attendance tracking is to track attendance for a specific employee. You can set up parameters for the attendance software to track attendance for specific employees. It can be helpful to track attendance for specific managers, executives, or top performers to ensure that they are accountable for their time. It can also help you to better understand how they spend their time and improve communication with them.

Diversifying your use cases for employee attendance

Diversifying your use cases for employee attendance is important to diversify your use cases for employee attendance tracking. This can help to keep employees more engaged during their working hours and prevent burnout. For instance, you can use face recognition to track attendance in the office during normal working hours. Yet, you can use facial attendance software outside of normal working hours to increase employee engagement.

Set expectations with employee attendance solutions another best practice for employee attendance solutions is to set expectations. Most employee attendance software will have an onboarding process that is important to follow. During this onboarding process, you will want to explain the expectations for employees and their roles. By doing this, you can help to increase employee engagement by improving communication. The bottom

line employee engagement

line employee engagement is an important part of overall organizational health. Apart from creating engaging work experiences, you should also track your employees’ activities to improve engagement. This is through using employee activity tracking software. Employee activity tracking can be used to help organizations achieve a number of goals, including improving productivity, increasing employee retention, and increasing customer satisfaction. Employee activity tracking helps in improving productivity by bringing order to information and making it actionable. By doing so, employees can focus on their work and perform better. Moreover, employee activity tracking can help to increase employee retention by providing organizations with insights on which employees are thriving, and which need improvement. Employee activity tracking software can be used for employee engagement best practices. By using employee activity tracking software, you can track employee engagement by understanding what’s happening in the work environment. With this data, you can make adjustments and improve engagement for better results. By using biometric attendance software, you can also track attendance by matching the faces of employees to their profiles. This can be helpful in reaching employees who are hard to reach.

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