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How to Improve Your School Attendance System 101: Face Recognition Software Attendance, Facial Recognition, Technology, SchoolSchool management and attendance have been one of the biggest challenges in the education sector today. To address this challenge, school administrators require technology that will enable them to monitor and keep track of students in their schools.  The school attendance system uses a variety of software applications to ensure that all students are present with their respective classes. In some cases, there may be instances where a student may not be able to attend school for various reasons.  The school attendance software collects basic information about those absent students such as name grade, parent information, and so on. This helps in identifying the reason why they are absent from school and also inform the relevant parties accordingly. A digital era is here and schools are adopting digital tools to make learning more transparent and accessible to students. The adoption of a digital system in schools means that students, parents, teachers, and staff can all log into the system and have access to important information such as school calendar, attendance data, teacher and student information, etc.  Schools need a reliable attendance software that will help them track when their students pass through their doors. Read on for details about how an attendance application helps reduce truancy by making it easy to check whether your child has been absent from school or not Many schools have already started incorporating security measures such as facial recognition software to track students and their whereabouts. Other schools are starting to think about it as well. But how do you go about implementing this kind of system at your school?  The first thing that you need to think about is whether or not your school is willing to grant the security camera access and cameras necessary in order for facial recognition software to work. The second thing that you need to consider is the type of technology that you’re going to employ to install this system.  If you’re interested in learning how you can improve your school’s attendance system using face recognition software, keep reading below for some helpful tips!school’s attendance system using face recognition softwareWhat is a School Attendance System?School attendance is the term used to describe the process of tracking students and their whereabouts throughout the day. In order to do this, schools generally have attendance software that can track students’ movements and keep track of their absences. This system is used to ensure that students are where they should be and to track how much time students spend away from school. While attendance systems can be used for many different reasons, one of the most common uses is to track students’ absences.  This way, school administrators can make sure that students are not missing days for legitimate reasons. It is also common for schools to use attendance software as a way to keep track of how much time is spending outside of the building during the day.School Attendance SystemHow to Use Face Recognition Software in a School Attendance SystemWith a school attendance system that utilizes facial recognition software, schools can pinpoint the whereabouts of any student on campus. The software used for this can be either a standalone device or a software installed on a computer. In either case, the computer or device will generate a list of faces using a camera. When a student walks by the camera, the software will compare the list of faces with its database and determine where that student is located. This information can be used to send notifications to parents or authorities if they attempt to enter the campus at an unapproved time.  As with most technology, there are some limitations to how well facial recognition software works. The first is that it only works if students are facing the camera. If you are trying to track students who are walking away from the camera, the system will have less accuracy.Furthermore, while the facial recognition software works very well in a lit area, it has less accuracy in dimly lit areas. This can make it difficult to track certain students if they are often seen walking around campus at night.Know the Limitations of Facial Recognition SoftwareFacial recognition software is much useful tool for schools. It is also one of the most popular security methods when it comes to tracking student attendance. The limitations of facial recognition software are mostly related to lighting and camera angles. Facial recognition works very well when the lighting is good, but it drastically reduces in its accuracy when it is dimly lit. In addition, the tighter a student’s angle, the less accurate the system becomes.  If a student is walking at a tight angle against a wall, the system will have almost no clue about where they are located. Another major limitation of facial recognition software is related to its database.Face recognition software has a database of photos that students are likely to be included in, but it is unlikely that those photos include everyone’s face. Therefore, it is likely that you will capture photos of many students, but not of all of them.Admit Students Using FRSOne of the major advantages of facial recognition software is that it can be used to track the movements of students who have been forbidden from entering campus. Most attendance software can be programmed to recognize a number of “authorized” users, such as parents or teachers.  If a student tries to enter campus without a valid reason, such as an illness, the software can be programmed to recognize their image as an “unauthorized” user and deny them entry. Using facial recognition software to track student movements on campus is a great way to create stricter policies around attendance.This is especially useful for tracking students who are often absent for a legitimate reason but have been labeled as “truants” by school officials. Facial recognition software can be programmed to recognize these students as “unauthorized” users and send an alert to their parents that they have entered campus.  Students who are frequently absent and need to be reminded to show up to class can also be tracked by facial recognition software. The software can be programmed to notify administrators if a student regularly skips class, even if they are not being absent for a legitimate reason. This can be a great way to keep students on track to complete their academic requirements.ConclusionFacial recognition software is a great way to track student attendance on campus, but it comes with its share of limitations. For example, it only works when the lights are good and the students are facing the camera. Besides, the tighter you angle the camera, the less accurate the system becomes. Thus, it is important for schools to know these limitations in to install a successful attendance system. Law enforcement agencies uses Facial recognition to identify suspects or missing persons. The technology can be used to identify a person from a single image and provides the ability to search for faces in a database of millions of images.

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