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The New Face Recognition Technology your School Should Be Using

Tukada imageFace recognition is becoming a heavy topic that schools are having to face. In the modern world, there is a huge demand for security software that can recognize and identify people from a photograph or video.

This is where face recognition comes into play — it can recognize individual faces from an image or video with high accuracy and in a fraction of time compared to other technologies. Considering this fact, you should look into using this new technology in your school.

With the advancement in technology, many companies have also taken up research in this area. Leading the race to implement this tech at schools are organizations like Microsoft, Google, and Face First with their automatic face detection technology so as to identify students as they enter school premises; make sure they do not break any rules or laws; and track their movements around the school premises.

Other than using it as a security measure, some schools have also used it as an educational tool by allowing students to register using their first names instead of using last names only. To help you understand the advantages of using face recognition in your school, we will be discussing these below:

Install Face recognition software for school

The first step in implementing face recognition software is to find a software that works for your school. It is important to note that face recognition software can be used for security, automation, and tracking purposes. However, for the purpose of this article, we will be focusing on using it for security. The software you choose will depend on your school’s requirement. Make sure the software you go for is available for both Windows and Mac.

Since your school has several entrances, by installing a face recognition software, you can scan all the images from the entrances and identify and track every student who enters school premises. This will help you in tracking the movements of your students and also serve as an identification tool when there is a need to identify an individual.

Facial Recognition for Identification

Facial recognition is the most accurate way to identify people when there are video recordings or images. While using face recognition for security purposes, the software can only distinguish the person’s face and not the context. However, when you use facial recognition for identification, the software will understand the context around the person’s face and can distinguish their name, age, and other details from the image.

Some of the applications of facial recognition for identification include:

Access control — Facial recognition can be used to check students’ identity as they enter the school premises. Students with valid IDs can enter the premises while students with noIDs can be denied entry. Class management — When you use facial recognition for identification, you can assign privileges to individual students. You can assign privileges like camera access, right to take exam papers, right to use computers etc.

Student management — You can use facial recognition for identification to track the attendance, attendance of students. You can also track students who have been absent a lot or students who have been absent a lot recently.

Advantages of Using Facial recognition in School-

 Facial recognition software is fast and accurate –One of the biggest advantages of using facial recognition software is that it is fast and accurate. With other technologies, it can take up to 3 to 10 seconds for the system to identify a face and with other technologies, it can take up to a minute to identify a face. However, with face recognition software, it can identify a person’s face in less than a second.

– It is an automated system 

–With the help of a lot of research and development, the face recognition technology has become an automated system.

– Highly accurate 

–Another advantage of using facial recognition software in your school is that it is highly accurate. 

It can only make mistakes when there is a lot of lighting around the person’s face. In case there is no lighting, it can identify the person’s face with great accuracy.

Steps to Set Up Face Recognition Software for School

Now that you have setup the face recognition software for your school, you need to verify your identity. This can be done by creating a new Google account. After verifying your identity, you need to go to the settings to add face recognition software.

You can either choose to add the API manually or you can use a face recognition API for schools.

For the purpose of this article, we will be using Dutypar, its is a cloud-based face recognition API that has a lot of features. You can either pay an annual subscription or you can use the API for free for a limited period of time.

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