Easy Ways to Use Facial Recognition System 101

DutyPar-ServicesFace recognition software is invading our lives and it won’t be long before it infiltrates our personal lives too. Facial recognition programs are becoming more commonplace in the retail industry, for example. Stores are using them to verify customer identities and prevent fraudulent purchases. Hospitals are also turning to facial recognition software as a way of improving the speed and efficiency of patient check-in procedures. Facial recognition programs can do so much more than simply identify people. They can unlock personal security benefits and access specific information about an individual person or their organization as a whole. In this blog post, we’ll take a look at 5 different ways you can use facial recognition technology in your company and why you should start doing so today if you haven’t already…

Using Facial Recognition Software to Verify Employee IDs and Credentials

Facial recognition software can be used to verify the identity of employees. This can be particularly helpful in the HR and recruiting departments. If you want to verify the credentials of a candidate before bringing them onboard, facial recognition can be a credible and reliable way to do so. Employees also have the opportunity to use facial recognition software to log in to their work computers. This can allow them to access sensitive company information without risking the possibility of it being accessed by a third party.

Using Facial Recognition Software to Identify Subjects in Videos

Facial recognition software can be used to identify subjects in your video content. And with the right partner, you can combine this feature with artificial intelligence to create a video search engine. This means you can use the software to identify specific people in your videos and track their movements throughout the production process. This can help you troubleshoot problems and discover new creative angles to your videos. Another use for this technology is in customer service. This can allow call representatives to verify customers’ identities and quickly find out the details of the account. It can also provide data such as delivery times and other important information.

Using Facial Recognition Software for Company Events and Conferences

Facial recognition software can also be used for company events and conferences. This can be particularly helpful for large events or conferences where there are a lot of people present. You can use facial recognition software to monitor attendee entry and exit times, find out who’s attending and make sure no one walks in or out without being identified. You can also use facial recognition software to make it easier for guests to attend. You can scan and tag guests’ faces with their name and company details so they don’t need to register in person. This will help you manage attendance at your events and reduce manual labour.

Using Facial Recognition Software to Detect and Prevent Fraud

Facial recognition software can detect and prevent fraudulent behaviour. This can be particularly helpful when reviewing point of sale transactions. If a customer’s face isn’t recognized, the transaction can be flagged as suspicious. You can use facial recognition software to monitor credit card transactions, for example, and detect unusual activity. This can help you protect your business from fraudulent activity. If fraudulent activity is detected, you can use the information to prevent reoccurrence and take disciplinary action against the person if necessary.

Use Cases

1)    The Ministry of Civil Aviation (MOCA) created the Digi Yatra app to provide contactless passenger identification at airports. It uses a facial recognition technology(FRS) to verify identity of the travelers saving time to get through, airport entrance, pre-security check, and boarding gates. This has been successfully piloted at Delhi, Varanasi, Bengaluru airports. More airports will be added by Mar2023.

Im regular user of DigiYatra app which uses Facial Recognition Technology. It scan our faces to pass through security check & boarding . It saves time.

Dr A Agrawal, a frequent traveler

2)    The Schengen Area comprises 26 states in mainland Europe with no passport or border controls. Those visiting or immigrants  presents a problem for border guards who will need to track the forecasted 887 million non-EU citizens visiting the area every year by 2025. Process is manual where guards of each member state stamp passports with dates of entry and exit, but they do not record cross-border movements. The Large IT Systems Agency (EU-LISA) is developing an entry/exit system to record the biometric data ( facial data using facial recognition technology ) of all non-EU nationals crossing the external borders of the EU.

3)    In 2018, National Australia Bank and Microsoft joined  to test a system for unlocking cash machines with a face scan.

4)    Marriott recently tested facial recognition technology enabling guests to skip front desk lines and cutting the check-in process.

5)    The 2019 Brit Awards used facial recognition technology to enhance its event security, deploying it to screen guests at multiple entrances to the O2 in London.

6)    In future, the automotive industry shifts away from personal car ownership to shared model, a registered user using face recognition technology will be able to lock car doors or engines for their ride, as well as being able to change the car settings to their preferences.

7)    Apart from Students attendance by facial recognition technology, book-lending by students can be effectively used through facial recognition technology by scanning the person holding the borrowed book and updating its database.


Facial recognition software is becoming more common. It can be used for identity verification, to find people in videos, for company events and conferences, to detect and prevent fraudulent behaviour, and more. These are just a few ways you can use facial recognition technology in your company. Each company is different, and there are many factors to consider before implementing a facial recognition software solution. To make things easier, we’ve put together a guide that explains exactly what you need to know before implementing facial recognition software.

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